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Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, high-class products from Germany are desired all over the world. Whether it be automobiles, machines, or chemical and medical products, the origin of the term, "Made in Germany", guarantees a product of the highest quality.

Even over a century ago, German white wines from the Rhein valley were exclusively found on the most expensive wine lists of any restaurant establishment around the world. Today the red wines from the French Bordeaux region, like the prestigious Chateaus as Lafitte Rothschild, Cheval Blanc and Petrus, with her world famous Cuvees obtain as the "non plus ultra" of the wine world.

With the Cuvee Physiokrat we have developed to create a wine which unites the high French art of wine preparation, and instituting the meticulousness and strict high-class standards of a German product. In addition, we use the same grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and others, granting the best care of our vineyards and allowing our product to maintain optimum physical maturity throughout.

Overseeing the health of our grapes in our vineyards, starting with preparing the vintage by hand in the autumn season, then competently cared for in our cellars to create a unique taste experience that forms into the Cuvee Physiokrat.
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